Brand Strategist & Designer, Self-Employed
December 2018 — Present

Logo Design: From Concept to Presentation, Sagi Haviv
Logotype Design for Brand Identity, Steve Wolf
Designing the Visual Identity of a Brand, Gabriel Sencillo
Domestika courses, 2021

Arabic Logotype Matchmaking workshop, 
with Wissam Shawkat & Majid Alyousef
-ing Creative Festival, February 2021

Curator, Aratype Online Platform
April 2019 — Present

Arabic Monogram Branding workshop, with Kristyan Sarkis
-ing Creative Festival, April 2019

Modular Arabic Design workshop, with Kristyan Sarkis
-ing Creative Festival, April 2019

Arabic Lettering workshop, with Khajag Apelian & Yara Khoury
Fikra Graphic Design Biennial, November 2018

Graphic Designer, Twothirds Design Bureau, Dubai
September 2017 — December 2018 

Arabic Typography course, with Pascal Zoghbi
American University of Sharjah, 2017

Intern Graphic Designer, Twothirds Design Bureau, Dubai
July 2017 — August 2017

Freelance Designer, Editorial Projects, 2017

Second-Place Award, T-shirt Design Competition
American University of Sharjah, 2016

Arabic Lettering workshop, with Wael Morcos & Salem Al-Qassimi
American University of Sharjah, 2016

Freelance Designer, Takamul Academy
Abu Dhabi, 2016

Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication
American University of Sharjah, 2013 — 2018

I'm originally Palestinian, born in Canada, raised in America, grew up in the United Arab Emirates, and currently based in Istanbul.

I help brands with Arabic logotypes to create differentiation in the market.

Through my observations of Arabic logotypes in the region, the majority fall under two categories. The first is very generic and lacks character and customization. The second involves customization however does not attend to the fundamentals of the Arabic script. Both devalue the brand's image and the designer's work. 

Alongside my passion, this observation has led me to focus on Arabic typography in my work.

Scope of Work includes:

→ Brand Strategy Workshops
→ Visual Analysis Workshops
→ Brand Identity
— Logo
— Color Palette
— Typography Selection
— Visual System
→ Brand Collaterals
— Stationery
— Social Media Direction
— Website Layout
— Packaging
— Merchandise
— Signage
→ Brand Consultations
→ Arabic Lettering

The process I undertake involves in-depth conceptual & strategic development, research approaches, and collaborative methods.

Clients from several countries including UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, etc.

Available for projects and collaborations.
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